Robert Oates MD, FACS - Expertise in ALL aspects of Male Infertility
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Robert Oates MD, FACS - Expertise in ALL aspects of Male Infertility

Male Infertility Treatment

It is always important for the male partner of each infertility couple to have a full and complete work-up.  This includes a comprehensive history, a careful physical examination, and adjunctive tests such as semen analyses.  In 25% of infertility circumstances, a male factor is solely responsible while in another 50%, a male factor is part of the problem.  Only with an evaluation can this be detected and possibly corrected.  Poor sperm production and/or quality may be a sign of a significant underlying health issue. 

I believe strongly that all males (and all couples) deserve an approach that fully integrates the male partner into the discussion and begins with the thought of trying to help the couple achieve pregnancy naturally, if possible. However, if the situation calls for it, it is important to have the expertise to move to the more complex tests and therapies that we have to offer.

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I am currently Professor of Urology at Boston University School of Medicine and Vice-Chairman of the Department of Urology. I direct both the Fellowship and Residency programs for the Boston University Department of Urology and collaborate both nationally and internationally on numerous research projects with many top investigators. I have a busy clinical practice involving all aspects of male reproductive medicine and surgery and am a recognized expert in all forms of microsurgical reconstruction – including vasectomy reversal.
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Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal (or microsurgical reconstruction of a blockage in the sperm transport system from a different cause) should always be performed when natural pregnancy achievement is possible.

The microsurgical skill set of the surgeon is as important as anything else in getting the best result for you. As microsurgery is a big part of my practice, I am happy to lend my expertise and experience in this area to help you optimize your chances to realize your dream of a beautiful baby.
Post-Vasectomy Treatment Options

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